Organisation Structure


As of the 1st of November 2017 the WCN will be officially registered as an incorporated association.

WCN INC Registration Certificate

WCN Rules

All rules from before 30-Oct-17 are dismissed and the WCN has now adopted the Model Rules with some recognised amendments.

You can see the WCN rules below:
WCN Incorporated Association Rules

WCN Executive

The WCN has officially elected an executive which consists of a:

  1. Secretary                                              Jamie Scicluna
  2. Assistant Secretary                            Lachlan Enshaw
  3. President/Treasure                            Dean Sherriff
  4. Vice President/Chair                          Alicia Mitchel

Update: 30-October-2017

[NOTE: The below rules are now outdated an no longer apply]

Ongoing Development & Improvement of the Organisational Structure

The WCN has grown rapidly over the past 15 months and because of this our governance structure is constantly changing to meet demands and improve the effectiveness of the WCN and to increase membership participation.

Interim Structure

The current (interim) organisation structure is similar to that of a Local Vic Labor Party branch, however at present, the titles of the executive such as; Secretary, Ass-Secretary, President, Vice-President and Treasurer are the presently non existent until a more formal and definitive structure is adopted. In addition to such, the Executive will not be publicly named until a formal organisation structure has been adopted.

It is in the interest of the WCN and the membership that the identity of the Executive remains a secret to prevent any opposing ALP factions or groups making any attacks directed towards the WCN or the Executive while the WCN is still in the very early stages of establishing a foothold in the ALP.

The Current WCN Executive, consists of members and are required to meet all governance and membership needs without any formal title being required.

Interim WCN Rules

The rules of the WCN must be compatible with the rules of the ALP.

This means, the Vic Labor Party rules are the default rules of the WCN, unless the Executive or the membership move a motion in favour of replacing a rule is successfully passed by the majority of the WCN membership

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