Disclaimer: The below information is general advice in relation to your employment rights and entitlements, for further information you can contact the WCN and/or your Union.


National Employment Standards (NES)

The NES conrains the 10 minimum employment conditions must be provided to ALL part time and full time employees across all industries. No Award or Agreement can include any clauses that may reduce these standards.

Casual workers are only entitled to some of the conditions in the NES.

You can find out more via the Fair Work website.

Full time and part time employees:

  1. Maximum weekly hours
  2. Request for flexible working arrangements
  3. Paid parental leave
  4. Paid annual leave
  5. Paid personal and carers leave
  6. Paid community service leave
  7. Long service leave
  8. Public holiday leave, penalty rates, or time in lieu
  9. Notice of termination
  10. Receive a Fair Work Statement when you start working for a new employer

Casual employees:

  1. Unpaid carers leave
  2. Unpaid compassionate leave
  3. Community service leave
  4. Receive a Fair Work Statement when you start working for a new emplotyer

If you have been employed as a casual for 12 months & it can be reasonably expected that your employment will continue, you are also entitled to:

  1. Request flexible working arrangements
  2. Parental leave

You man also be able to request full time or part time permanency if you have worked continuously for 12 months or more. If you are in this category please contact your union for advice.

Need Help with a workplace issue or just want peace of mind that someone has your back if something ever happened at work but don’t know what union covers you? Check out the WCN list of Vic Unions to find yours today.


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