By Jamie Scicluna

The WCN recently conducted a small survey via our Facebook page The Working Class and shared across a number different pages and forums. We asked participants two simple question;

  1. nominate your [their] grub of the month; and the
  2. reason why you [they] think that your [their] grub is the grubbiest grub of the month”

Unsurprisingly there was a one clear winner. A man that has turned potatoes from lovable mash into a symbol of hate and malice. A man known only as LNP’s very own Hitler. The one, the only, the House of Reps Member for the seat of Dickson, Peter (potato) Dutton.

January winner of the Grubbiest Grub award: Peter Dutton

Peter Dutton who is know for his resemblence to a potato and for inspiring racial hate won the award by a whopping 40.3%.

Some of the reasons given for nominating the prize potato include:

  • “A nazi out of uniform”
  • “Creating fear and loathing purely to gain support of Australian Nationalists for flailing polls. Grub is probably the most polite term for what Dutton is.”
  • “His vile accusations about the africans in Melbourne”
  • “Because he is a heartless, cruel, nasty, stupid, vile, vitriolic, narcissistic fascist”

The runners up for the Grubbiest Grub award where:

(1st) Michaelia (It was my staffer) Cash at second who harnessed 16.9% of the vote; and (2nd) Malcolm (top hat) Turnbull coming in at third with a decent 14.3% of the vote.

dutton spud

Well it couldn’t have gone to a nicer bloke…

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