Why They Don’t Like You: The Greens

Are you a blue collar or white collar worker? Do you believe in Trade Unions, local jobs, affordable housing or the ‘fair go?’ Well if you do, the chances are that the Greens do not like you.

Often it is presumed that the Greens are the most inline with the Labor Party on policy and most importantly on values, however, the truth of the matter is significantly different. The Greens often come from upper class families, well off, well educated and born with the right of entitlement. Most have no idea when it comes to the battle cries and struggles of the working class, yet they try to manipulate and pretend to be a friend.

The Greens are the political equivalent to a hair-loss info commercial promising to return you with a full head of hair in exchange for your credit card details, only instead they are promising working class policies in exchange for your vote. Both scenarios are a sham!

For a recent example all you need to do is look at the Northcote by-election. The Greens campaigned on false facts and on promises that they have no capacity on keeping. This is nothing new. The Greens have always pandered to the sympathies of the working class by loosely advocating for affordable housing or workers rights but when push come to shove and it’s time to get serious, they’ll do anything to make sure that if there is affordable housing that it’s not near them and any workers rights won’t effect them.

Why? Because they think that they are better than us. That they are better than people in emergency housing, affordable accommodation, or renting in the outer suburbs. They don’t sympathies but pity people who rely on a 9 – 5 job that benefit for basic employment rights.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are many individual members of the Greens that are Trade Unionist and that mean well, and these individuals, I have all the time in the world for. Sure they are voting against their interest but they are at the very least coming from the right place. The biggest issue with the Greens is not particular individual (although there are a few that definitely come to mind), but the Greens as a whole, and to quote an unapologetic Labor Senator by the name of Sam Dastyari,

“The Greens are worse than cancer”.

In my opinion, this is true.

The Greens in Victoria have sided with the Coalition on more occasions than with Labor. They have celebrated the loss of thousands of jobs in the name of the environment (think about Hazelwood for a moment). They have blocked affordable housing projects and they have campaigned on issues that as a state government, Labor have no control over or input about like the Adani mine in Queensland. This is all to do with selling their pitch, appealing to the working class but being unable and not willing to deliver. All that matters is your vote and they are willing to say whatever it takes to get it.


Just because they can talk the talk does not mean that they can walk the walk. Out here in the West, to much exposure by Greens will have a negative impact on Victoria and working families.

They don’t like you, they never have. They want your vote and that’s it. Don’t give it to them….

Note: Friends don’t let friends vote Greens. Encourage them to join the ALP today.

Jamie Scicluna

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