“Working Mum Sarah Connolly Defeats Embattled Candidate Jasvinder Sidhu by ‘Whopping’ Margin”

UPDATE: 15-Nov-2017

On Wednesday 15-Nov-2017 the POSC met and voted on the preselection candidates.

Jasvinder Sidhu who was supported by Local Labor figures such as Joanne Ryan MP the member for Lalor, Henry Barlow the Mayor of Wyndham and the Greens despite increasing pressure from the Liberal Party into the legality and ethicality of Mr Sidhu’s unregistered charity Let’s Feed said he was confident that he would be elected by the POSC because of his high profile support and winning the local vote by 54%.

However, last Wednesday showed a different narrative than what was portrayed by Mr Sidhu and his camp when working mum Sarah Connolly defeated Jasvinder Sidhu by a ‘whopping’ margin of 75 votes in favour of Sarah Connolly compared to just 13 votes in favour of Jasvinder Sidhu. Out of the 100 votes on POSC, 12 abstained from the vote including Mr Sidhu’s campaign manager.

The WCN have made it very clear that of the two candidates, Sarah Connolly was the most preferred and have also raised concerns about Jasvinder.

We are extremely excited that Sarah Connolly has been elected to represent Labor for the Seat of Tarneit in the 2018 State Election and will continue to support her. The 2018 State Election is expected to be a very heated contest with Labor only holding a slim Majority meaning that every seat is an important seat.

Sarah Connolly will be going up against Newcomer Liberal Candidate and former Councillor Glen Goodfellow in 2018 for the Seat of Tarneit.

We look forward to fighting the good fight!


Jamie Scicluna
WCN Executive Secretary

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