“Don’t be swayed by political operators within the ALP”

The WCN has long been concerned about the caliber of some of the ALP members elected to public office out in the West.

When it comes to politics and more specifically politicians, it honestly feels like the West has received the short end of the stick. If you live in the West, you’re probably tired of seeing your elected representatives lash out in a bitter feud with other party members in the paper or on the news. Actually, it seems more like they are too preoccupied with themselves and the infighting, and have little to no interest in genuine rank and file members and no real concern about the community, other then getting voted again.

The Main Points You Should Consider

This preselection, it’s good to remember why we all joined the ALP in the first place. It is important to reflect on our core values and beliefs.  The ALP is meant to be the political wing of the Trade Union Movement, to oppose Conservative Governments and to make laws that benefit the Working-Class when we are in Government.

The main points you should consider before casting your vote for the Preselection of the Upper or Lower House are:

  1. Are they committed to the working-class; and 
  2. Are they a staunch member and/or leader within the Trade Union Movement?

If you are unsure, or the answer to either of these questions are no, then you should not vote for that member to be preselected.

It does not matter who is vouching for them, or which faction or sub-faction has put them up. Regardless if the local Federal and State Member, or even the Mayor vouches for them, ask yourself why, what’s really in it for them?

The WCN encourages all ALP members eligible to vote, to Vote for a Unionist! To Vote for the Community!  To:


In Solidarity,

WCN Executive

The Western Community Network
E contact@wcnvic.com W http://www.wcnvic.com
Watton Street, Werribee VIC 3030


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