Last night, following the Werribee ALP Branch meeting, the WCN membership unanimously voted to endorse Sarah Connolly as the preferred Candidate for the ALP preselection of Tarneit.

The endorsement by the WCN comes a month after Federal MP Joanne Ryan, her staff and supporters, shut down branch debate to successfully move a motion of endorsement, to support Jasvinder Sidhu for the preselection of Tarneit on behalf of the Werribee Branch. The motion included writing to all of the local branches and encouraging them to do the same.

The WCN are endorsing and actively supporting Sarah Connolly, not because of any factional ties or for any advantageous reasons like some other Candidates. We are endorsing Ms Connolly because we believe that she is a great asset to the ALP, Tarneit and the community and we look forward to working with her.

The WCN are of the view that Sarah Connolly’s Nomination for the seat of Tarneit is a step in the right direction for the West and is a welcomed breath of fresh air. Ms Connolly is not only a viable candidate, we feel that she will resonate well with working class families of Tarneit and surrounds and will bring forth a much needed change to the insidious political culture that has tarnished the Labor brand in the West.

We are strongly encouraging, other local branches to not follow the example of the Werribee Branch and for the ALP members capable of voting in the preselection, to join us in supporting Sarah Connolly.

In Solidarity,

WCN Executive

Western Community Network – (WCN)
E contact@wcnvic.com W http://www.wcnvic.com
Watton Street, Werribee VIC 3030


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